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A Human Hamster Wheel is any exercise device used by humans that simulates a strenuous activity. The human mounts the device and peddles, strides, rows or pumps their way to nowhere like a hamster on a wheel. The stair-master is the most obvious example of a human hamster wheel. Exercise bikes, rowing machines and abdominal rollers are also good examples. Humans all over the planet can be seen in 24 hour gyms, at ungodly hours of the night, sweating away on their human hamster wheels, as if in a trance.
"I just got a stair-master 3000. I'm gonna get pumped up!" "Oh, you got yourself a human hamster wheel."

"I left the club at 2:30 am and walked past a 24 hour gym. There were at least 20 people on human hamster wheels."
by iceman 69 January 10, 2010
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