What kind of world would it be if it was okay with everybody for a guy to walk up to a female and punch her in the face, without restraint, thought, or remorse, no matter what she did to him? People should absolutely be allowed to do anything they want to, but without consequences, without limits to behavior, without any checks or balances, without cops, without jails, without laws, human weakness would prevail. Human weakness can also prevail with excessive laws and limitations and excessive policing. Anything done to excess keeps things out of balance.
It's not doing anything they want to that a lot people don't like or agree with, it's facing the consequences of every action that they tend to be wary of, and with a lot of people, knowing they can go to jail over something they wanted to do, but did not get away with keeps them from doing it. Human weakness would plaque everything if there was only limitless actions, but not limitless consequences that went with it.
by Solid Mantis April 28, 2021
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