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A movement that seeks the extinction of the human species. You may think that it is a movement full of crackpots but there are it contains many university professors and scientist.
Instead of being evil the movement sees it's self as a force for good.
The movement believes that the human species has already reach a point of no return and is already on a one way road to extinction and if nothing is done the human species will also drag thousands of other species with it into extinction and destroy countless ecosystems.
The movement seeks ways to bring about the extinction of the human species before this happens.
They point to the fact the the world is in the mist of a sixth mass extinction. The last being when the dinosaures went extinct.
Also they poin to the fact that humans are unable to learn from there own history. In spite of the fact of genocide on world II there are still genocides happening.

And that in spite of the claim of a moral and human society homeless people are still allowed to sleep on the street.
by Deep blue 2012 September 02, 2010
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