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-SIMILAR to the saying "Netflix and chill", "Hulu and hookup", "Amazon and anal, etc."

The act of "watching" Hulu shows or films with someone, the two people then end up having sexual intercourse while the film continues to play in the background . Typically, the two individuals will only truely watch the first 15- 20 minutes of a film before making the transition into the humping , sexual intercourse , part of the night.
♂JOEY: (* in a deep sexually suggestive tone*) "Yo Nicole! Got plans for tonight?"
♀NICOLE: "Heyyy Joeyyy! I don't think so... whats up??"
♂JOEY: "Wanna come over my place later and maybe watch a movie on Hulu or something?"
♀NICOLE: (*flirtatiously smiling*) "I'd deff be down for some Hulu... pick me up around 7:30 tonight?"
♂JOEY: "Sweet! I'll be there at 7:30... you better be ready for me.." (*he smiles and winks at her*)
♀NICOLE: "Oh, I'll definitely be ready!"

**Nicole smiles and blushes, then walks away while flirtatiously waving goodbye.**

Joey was certain she wanted to do more than JUST watch a Hulu film...

she wanted to Hulu and hump his brains out.

**Joey waves goodbye. He immediately stops at the nearest convenient store to stocks up on a

fresh box of condoms for the film later.**
by ballbusterbabe88 April 17, 2016
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