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A rare male species typically growing up to a weight of 65 pounds. 0.01% of their body mass is dedicated to their genitalia. This beast will assert his dominance over other predatorial creatures by spitting on his prey, the chicken finger. Hughbertos share a common ancestor with the relatively harmless critter, the Duck, but the two should not be confused. If you come in sight of a Hughberto, call Animal Control immediately. They cannot be domesticated, but find their home in the wild.
1. There was a Hughberto a couple miles sobbing in a hole after the wild Shunkey stole and glugged his chocolate milk.

2. It was a beautiful sight to see as I gazed upon nothing other than a Hughberto nestled inside the tree hole of the Willow tree during his 10 month hibernation.
by _Brosephus_ January 03, 2017
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