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A Hugga-Mugga is a synonym for an Eskimo-kiss (rubbing your nose against the nose of your Lover(/Good friend/Disneyland character) from side to side ) and it's made by The Queen of Disneyworld princesses Lane and her parents.

Mom behind the camera : Lane maybe you should show Peter Pan what a Hugga Mugga is ?
Princess Lane: *Hugga Mugga Peter Pan *
Peter Pan: *Laughs* Ooh just like Tiger Lily
Wendy and everyone else : *AWWWW*
Me(Moana the DisneyPrincess): Why Is Lane rubbing her nose against Peter Pan's nose so cutely ?
Gaston : She is giving him a Hugga-Mugga.
Tarzan, Prince Charming , Alladin, Flynn Ryder? Christopher, Pocahontas : She gave me one too :D
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