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aka - Blazer's Law

When smoking a joint in front of a random house, the owners of that house (and only that house), will always arrive mid session to either:

a) park the car in the driveway
b) come out to walk the dog
c) water the lawn at 2am

thereby disturbing the smoking and thus creating more paranoia than there would have been.
Avi: Yo, nice dube man!
Rozy: Thanks! Oh shit these people are coming home!
Avi: Obviously! It's Huffer's Law man!
by Killdjan December 15, 2008
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Don't be a Bogart with the paint thinner, pass that rag bro, Huffer's Law states that one shall give up the can and rag after two full breaths.
by Mr. 695-Miffles-bot July 31, 2016
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