Bavarian origin, he is the Protector of the hunters for the German speaking people. A Hubertus is known to be tall, handsome and dark haired. Also, a very kind person in nature. Due to his origin, he is an expert with weapons and a superb Marksman. If you ever find yourself in a bad situation (like a bank robbery) you will be blessed when a Hubertus is close. When approached by a Hubertus, let him know you come in peace. Say; „Hubertus, thank you for your service“ then lead him to some beautiful girls because he is a protector.
Ashley: Yesterday I met a Hubertus!
Katharine: Damn girl, you got yourself a fine ass protector!
by ElGobo January 19, 2019
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One really nice guy, one who is always there for his friends and family. Usually also a great actor and womanizer.

Every male counterpart is jealous.
GIRL: WOW that guy is such a hubertus !!!
BOY: Well if you like him then go fuck him…I am out !
by SAVAGE_poolparty May 30, 2017
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A Person which is beloved by everyone, but Not a homosexual, ladiekiller
He is such a hubertus, i Just Love him
by USSintre5th January 02, 2017
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