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Derived from the title (and lyrics) of an amazingly obscure song from the early 80's by Swedish group Caramba. Though the track itself may have been relatively ahead of its is crap nevertheless. In fact, it is so terrible, that it actually becomes appealing in a nonsensical way.

Thus, the term itself has come to signify (in small, music literate circles) the epitome of the 'awesomely bad'.
1. Wow, have you heard that Eddie Murphy song, 'party all the time'? it is SO hubba hubba zoot zoot.

2. Oh my god, did you see his outfit? neon yellow legwarmers and jogging shorts? Talk about hubba hubba zoot zoot....

3. My favorite part of 'Full House' is when it's moral time, they play that sappy music and have uncle jesse explain everything with his hubba hubba zoot zoot mullet. "it's wrong to lie DJ, it's wrong to lie." those were the days...
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