A noise made by a memeber of team callifa named Allister A when she is amused by OliverB's lil pipi. This noise is similar to that made by a horse in distress, and memebers of DANK BOIZ confirmed that Allister A is actually a mix between a bitch, a hoe and a deranged pyscho horse. You can see traces of all these things in her personality and looks.
by Dr.cringe69 April 17, 2019
What Mark does.

yeah hes gay
hey can i touch your huhuhuhuhu arm?
by BSblind97 March 11, 2004
When you say something hurtful to a friend but you didn't mean it
Your head looks like a dog that was shot in the brain with a shotgun huhuhu
by Master_shotgun_ November 27, 2017