How Ridiculous is a YouTube channel based in Perth, Australia. The three main members of the group are Brett Stanford, Derek Herron, and Scott Gaunson. They currently have 9 million subscribers and 3 billion total video views. They are mostly known for performing drop experiments off of a 45 meter tall tower at the Perth Gravity Discovery Centre, the 165 meter tall Luzzone Dam in Ticino, Switzerland, and a 200 meter tall cliff aside a waterfall in Lesotho, Africa. They also performed trick shots, including collars with celebrities like Brodie Smith, in the early days of their YouTube channel. Other members of the channel include main editor Jack Wallace, and the guy Michael who puts a bunch of the projects together and gets authorization to perform them. They also have a stuffed dinosaur who is their mascot and stuntman named Rexy
How Ridiculous also makes heavy custom things such as a number of giants darts, a giant axe, a giant atlas stone, a 4”x 4” x 4” cube of tungsten, a steel model of Hulk’s Fist, and a model of Thor’s Hammer. All these things can only go to the top of the tower via a winch because they’re too heavy to carry. They have dropped these items onto things such as bulletproof glass, pools of oobleck, orbeez, and regular water, trampolines (one being the strongest in the world made with Mark Rober), and giant gym balls. They have broken a number of world records the most notable being the worlds highest basketball shot achieved at the 200 meter cliff in Lesotho
by bmhorton March 23, 2022
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