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A Group of Extremely Badass longboarders that blast down parking garages at incredibily high rates of speed. HGR dominates at all aspects of longboarding and speedboarding! known and repped by Carve Skateshop! HGR is simply unstoppable! HGR is also widely hated by other texas longboard groups because these other texas longboard groups (ALC and Other fags) get extremely offended by internet bullshit (Chubs ranting) and the fact that HGR is really badass, they just really want to be a part of it but can't because they are simply not badass enough!
ALC dude #1- "hey did you see those Badass Houston Garage Riders (HGR) dudes Steezin it up last night?"

ALC Dude #2- "Yeah dude i really wanna be just like them!"

HGR Badass #1- "yeah we are pretty badass dont fuck with us!!"
by Jake the HGR Badass July 11, 2010
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