U.S's 2006 MLS(Major League Soccer)Cup Champions...in it's first year ever....what a record. Thus proves Houston is the best(at least when it comes to soccer that is). Now in 07, we are currently first in the Western Standings and soon to become the Champs...again(hopefully)
What in the world is a Dynamo???

....It's a player that plays for the Houston soccer team...with a bright orange shirt...know as a Houston Dynamos!!...doop face(cough cough)
by Macabre_Instincts August 9, 2007
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A soccer team in MLS, based out of Houston, who could only get a soccer team by stealing them from San Jose. Located in the crappiest city in the State of Texas, The Dynafags, as they are more commonly known, have a fanbase mostly made up of illegals from Mexico who frequently clash with the police at matches.

Like most other teams from Houston, their jealousy of FC Dallas is very evident. This despite the fact that the El Capitan Cannon Trophy usually resides in Dallas more than Houston. While the "Orange Turds" laud their MLS Cup Wins, most find it funny that of late seasons, they have risen to new levels of suckitude.

Being a Dynamo fan usually means that one is an alcoholic, smells like day old bacon, and usually takes it from behind.
Mike: "Hey Jim, How bout them Houston Dynamo?"

Jim: "Mike, no matter how you say it, 'Dynamo' is a faggot name for a team."
by BRhine February 24, 2011
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