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housˌwīf ˈˌkô(ə)r/

noun: housewifecore

an aesthetic theme that corresponds to any and all things to do with being a housewife in modern day society. usually features diehard fans of romance and love, marriage, caring for the family, managing household affairs, and doing housework. the happy medium between the two extremes of lovecore and hardcore.
“wow!!! did she really just single-handedly support a whole husband and bake a damn cake from scratch while vacuuming the floors when she was just knitting a sweater after giving birth to a whole ass human all while taking the time to focus on her mental health even when she was applying a facemask and doing yoga and teaching her children the importance of family all at the same damn time?!!! i’ve never seen that in my life dude! that is so housewifecore!!!”
by Taliyah Irene July 16, 2018
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