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Fat bitch waiting to happen. Once was a skinny pole dancer or did some porn while at university in her early 20's got hooked up with someone who told them they love them. She figured she got Carte Blanche with this guy's life and he'll never leave her so she pigs out all day every day. They get so fat and homley they resemble a hog sitting on the couch watching TV. They aout as tempermental and mean as a tusker out in the wood.
Dee, she a House Hog now got fat and homley after turning her self into an eatin machine she can't even get off the couch to feed the dogs out backyard. She needs a Electric whelchair and the Transit system wheelchair bus to go down to the Dollar Store to get even fatter from $1 Pringles, hot dogs, and soda pop. She chop her hair she get real fat she throw all her good clothes away Now she sick with diabeties and Arthritis. Grunts at the TV now, she a House Hog.
by Ray O' Vacum July 06, 2012
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