1. Playing with house money refers to money that was given to you, easily obtained or stumbled upon. In other words risking it as in a bet means you would have nothing to lose.
2. Living life on house money refers to narrowly escaping death at some previous point in your life. In other words you have defied death and everyday that you are still breathing is a bonus.
3. In sports playing on house money refers to going up against an overwhelming favorite and playing loose and free like you have nothing to lose. A number 16 seed playing against a number one seed in the NCAA tourney would be playing on house money.
1. I was the only survivor in 747 crash that claimed 158 lives. I am living on house money.
2. We have a sub .500 record and we are playing the defending champs in round one of the playoffs. We're playing on house money.
3. This hotel in Vegas gave me $100.00 in funny money to play with in their casino for booking a 4 night stay.
4. A distant rich uncle passed away and left me $100,000.00. House money woooo hoooooo.
by House Money April 20, 2015
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When you are playing in a gambling enviroment ex. Casino,Racetrack,Bookie etc.. And you are in the black and feeling good. You tend to play on with an attitude that if you lose it is not your $ but the house instead.
My man I just scored today with the Colts for $500. I got now spending money my man. I am playing with the house money now. Yea I can bet $100 more on something else and if I win I win more, if I lose I am only losing with the HOUSE MONEY. No big deal.
by Jeffrey S, July 22, 2006
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A delusional mental state and way someone lives in which a person has somehow survived multiple situations that should have resulted in one's death, giving the individual a warped and nihilistic view of life. The individual will very rarely second guess participating in activities that are deemed detrimental or dangerous due to not caring for their own survival as they begrudgingly know they will survive and stay depressed.
Person 1: " Um, dude please slow the car down! This is not safe at all."

Person 2: " Why? Are you not having fun?"

Person 1: "It is 3 AM, and you are speeding on roads that are covered in ice! We are going to die."

Person 2: "I told you to not ride home with me, I've been Playing with House Money for the last five-years. So might as well make another wager to keep things interesting. "
by ZZtuschbag August 7, 2021
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