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Hough Scale (Huff) is commonly used to rate women by personality and looks. The scale rating is rated by numbers from 1 to 10, one being the lowest and ten being the highest.

The scale has been approved by several men for its harshness on women. Also achieving the number ten is quite difficult because by all means you need to be "perfect".
Bob: "That bitch I fucked last night... was definitely a high 7!" Dan: "Give me a break Bob, that bitch was definitely a 3! She looked like fucking Brian Urlacher for the Bears!"

Alex: "Damn... she definitely a 8." Kyle: "I would say 9 man..." Alex: "Naw, her legs are little fat plus her tits aren't that big."

Kyle: "So... Hough you want to go in there and rate all the women at this party?" Hough: " Dude all these bitches are lower than 6."

John-Mark: "Dude, the Hough Scale has helped me out so much."

Lee: "So what would be my girl on the Hough scale?"
Hough: "You really want to know?"
Lee: "Yeah"
Hough: "You really want to know?"
Lee: " Yeah..."
Hough: "Ok!" "Well, I think she's a 4, I think she's white trash, she pisses in the guys sink, takes a shit next to us in the guys bathroom, and uses our showers."
Everyone: "Oh shit..."
Lee: " Ok...."
by Delta House May 08, 2008
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