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Hotohori is a character in the manga and anime series Fushigi Yûgi.

The beautiful narcisstic fourth emperor of Konan. When he first heard about the Suzaku no Miko at a young age, he thought the priestess would be the one for him and love him for himself, instead of his title. Eventually, when he met Miaka, he loved her deeply and would do anything for her. Thus, he became Tamahome's rival, but stepped aside when he realized Miaka only had eyes for Tamahome. He eventually marries a woman named Houki, who bears a striking resemblance to Nuriko. He is killed by Nakago during the battle between Konan and Kutou, leaving Houki pregnant with his son Boushin.
"My eyes are more open, the bridge of my nose is more pronounced, and my body is much more sexy. Fix this at once!" - Hotohori
by The Bijoux October 19, 2006
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