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A restaurant in Post Falls, for those of you who don't know where that is, it's in the northern part of Idaho, for those who don't know where Idaho is, it's the magical land where potatoes come from.

Anyways.... Hot Rod Cafe has great food (for Idaho) and has several events a week (during the summer) such as Cars things and motorcycle things, it's fun to work at because there are sweet ass cars that go there, but Rob (the owner) doesn't pay me enough. I need a raise.
Guy 1: Holy ****... that building has a car on it's roof... wanna eat there?

Guy 2: If your paying, the food at Hot Rod Cafe is so ****ing expensive.

Guy 1: Ahh.. then **** it,
lets go to some cheap place where the food sucks like the mcdonalds across the street.
by bored_idaho_guy October 12, 2008
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