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The act of duplicating another sex act with flawless precision. The performer of the act should not know how to actually do the act himself, but should be looking at another and copying them exactly. Usually involves some sort of defecating. Bonus points for Hot Isharling in the copier room, on the xerox machine, or for being phyiscally inside a Fedex/Kinko's.
'Dude, I went to use the photocopier and it was all covered with shit! I think someone was doing the Hot Isharl in there! Copies of Nathans project were everywere... God damn I hate people who can't do things themselves!'

'There I was, jerking off nicely by myself, when this guy comes in and starts doing the exact same thing, same technique and everything! I told him to get out, and then he shits himself and rubs it all over his face! Will these Hot Carlers ever learn?'
by Patrick & Kirksal April 27, 2007
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