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When a man ejaculates all over somebodys face & then procceds to defecate diarrhea all over the semened face & then when the semen & diarrhea are all mixed up making a lightish brown chocolate looking like color you punch them in the nose really hard making their nose swell up like a cherry. & tada you have a Hot Cherry Sundae. & if you want you can dip your testicles in that big mess on their face & create Hot Cherry Sundae w/ Nuts!.
Man 1: I saw this homeless man asleep by my dumpster in the alley by my house so while he was unconsious I ejaculated on his face, took a wet, slimy, diarrhea dump on his semen covered face & then to top it off I punched him in his nose hard as fuck making it swell up like a cherry! & then to make it worse I put my balls all over it! It was a fucking Hot Cherry Sundae!!

Man 2: Eww Wow.....thats pretty fucking gross.

Man 1: Haha yea what can I say, Sorry Dad.
by Ser"TheDirtyManChild"Gio November 09, 2010
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