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Child who shows his or her "rebellion" by shopping at a chain store.

(Not to be confused with "one who just shops at Hot Topic for the clothing".)
Middle schools are breeding grounds for Hot Topic kids.
by CGN October 20, 2004
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An annoying immature preteen, teenager or young adult who thinks its cool to shop at hot topic and does so souly for that reason. They buy band tees of bands they've never even heard of, and think that wearing wristbands with posessed cartoons on them is all there is to life. Most will eventually grow out of this horrible stage of adolescence but some never do. Sad, but very true.
So I was in the mall, and all of a sudden I see this group of hot topic kids swarming around one of those kiosks that sold shirts with sarcastic messages printed across the front. It was like a swarm of flies on a dead carcas. Discusting.
by Devin<3 July 03, 2006
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