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Hot paste and salt is the taste and texture described for male cum.
Based on real conversations with a friend and I in a couple senarios.

Us: So what does pussy taste like?

Him: Nothing really. What does cum taste like.

Us: know how in kindergarten you ate paste. Well heat it up and add some salt and there ya go. Hot paste in salt. We've been trained since then to tolerate the texture and taste.

At the gas station getting pop. Friend is using the machine to get fountain pop and it splatters at her.

Me: Hahahahaha you like things that splatter at you don'tcha?

Friend: Hehe yeah, I wouldn't have 2 kids if I didn't!

Me:'s all about the hot paste and salt.

Customer: I..I...I don't even know what to say to that....
by JestyCat August 04, 2010
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