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The term to describe one's anus 6-12 hours after consuming large quantities of extremely spicy food.
Aww dude, that stinks! Those wings really gave me a bad case of the hot dot!

Dude, why are you sweating so bad? Sorry man, those Tijuana tacos gave me a bad hot dot!
by VandyU97 May 06, 2008
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An attractive woman of Indian/Hindu extraction. Comes from the dot ("bindi" in Hindu, a form of "tilak") worn on the forehead.
Did you see that waitress at the Indian restaurant next door? That's what I call a hot dot.
by Lexidaddy August 17, 2006
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The two dimples on a girls lower back.
These are usually only present when the girl is rather fit or "Hot"

Sometimes referred to as thumb prints
1: "Mate I was at the beach checking out the chicks and I saw this one that was super fine"

2: "She was not, I bet she was a beached whale"

1: "No way man she had hot dots, you can't fake hot dots."
by D!cko September 25, 2008
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