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The act of being teabagged at Communion by an alter boy or a saucy priest. After drinking Christ's blood (wine..possibly semen) you close your eyes and wait for that tasty wafer (body of Christ) and instead you received two hairy plums, or a pair of hairless yogurt sacs, on your tongue or chin.
Chrishem was kneeling at the altar during Communion... hands out, eyes closed and mouth open, at St. Martins-In-The-Fields when he felt a warm hairy mass plop onto his face. After opening his eyes and realizing Father Brown dick had struck again, Scat Hattey peeked over the organ and whispered, "Look's like another Hot Colin!"

At this point the entire congregation bursts into laughter and commence a mass orgy and ass fisting.
by Mr.PissOnIt November 19, 2009
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