That one particular annoying high school girl who feels entitled and thinks they’re a baddie that you have in at least one of your classes.

The Hot Cheetoh Girl : Loud, talks back to teachers, bitchy and rude and for no reason, typically ghetto, can’t mind their own business, doesn’t do the homework/ asks for the answers on tests, intimidating, and can often be found eating hot chips under their desk.
Quotes: “PERIODT”, “Are you tryna fight?!”, “Is my eyelash falling?”, “BeSt FRen!”, “You got a problem?”, and

“c a n i have s o m e”
They are found to wear extremely long eyelash extensions, thrasher tees, tees of bands who they don’t know, hoop earrings, and acrylic nails.
The Hot Cheetoh Girl in 6th said that me and her are “going to have a problem” because I don’t like her other Hot Cheetoh friend.. she took her hoops off and everything, I’m scared
by Your Heavenly Father, God October 22, 2019
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