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Hot Bikram

The act of turning up the heat in a room to 105 degrees, then turn off the lights, suggesting that clothes be taken off to "cool down", and then proceed to give sensual massages claiming its all a learning experience. Getting a Hot Bikram has gained widespread popularity after famed Yogi Master Bikram Choudhury had been accused of sexual assault, sexual harassment, and even sexual discrimination by almost a dozen of his own students during both private and group class sessions.
Example 1
Yogi 1: Hey you! Why didn't I see you in class today?
Yogi 2: Yeah, I don't know about these Bikram classes.

Yogi 1: Why is that?
Yogi 2: Every time he shuts off the lights he gives me a...body rub.

Yogi 1: Oh, don't worry about it, he gives all the newbies a Hot Bikram.
by The Dictionary Professional April 07, 2018
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