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When a host in an online game is receiving such a beating that he or she quits, removing the host from the game and ending the session for everyone else.
Host: Screw you guys, I'm quitting.

Guy 1: No don't you'll -

*group returned to pre game lobby*

Guy 2: Host rage quit, what a fag.
by PonchoVilla November 14, 2009
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When the host of an online console game quits the game early because the game's developers attempted to remove host advantage and unintentionally nerfed the host ability to stay alive unless they camp. Most notably in the Call of Duty franchise.

"Early Host Rage Quit" = when a host quits and the new host selected then quits when they see that they have been chosen as new host, before play resumes.
Host Rage Quit - "I get so frustrated when I'm host on Black Ops 2, because I keep getting killed seemingly from nowhere, until I see the kill cam and the other player is right in front of me. Damn developer induced lag!! This is crap, I quit!!"
by Chuck1326 February 28, 2013
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