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This is a lower officer of the Law enforcement realm. That the upper levels fucking hate. His or Her responsibilities mainly include securing a hospital without proper training and/or direction.May be called upon to insure the safety of patients, staff,and patrons through actions other wise unreasonable for higher levels of law enforcement. Requirements for this position include: G.E.D., or have had to walk into a high school at one time or another, No time on task skills, the ability to have no direction or take direction, stocker, no social skills whatsoever. promotion within security ranks often includes the ability to over see the activities of other officers in a way that makes them hate working and even living. often top canditates for promotion have at least 2 months experience and a belt that could fit around the entire team they will supervise. It is an internal packed with fellow hospital security officers if any bodily fluids (i.e. vomit, piss, poop, blood, spit,and/or ejaculate)come into contact with any officers skin the entire shift will walk off site. Over all security in most hospitals is just fine, but ultimately they rely on nothing ever really going down. P.S. I hate my life
Like purgatory hospital security is a second chance at a better life.
by Paul Blart(Hospital Cop) January 25, 2009
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