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It is a group of best friends that ride horses on Wednesdays and Saturdays. That's just a basic definition, because it is MUCH more than that! Horse Group is family. A very crazy family, indeed. The number of 'official' human members floats around 14 or 15 per year, but 'once in Horse Group, always in Horse Group'. There are multiple horses in this club (duh), but there in also some non-horse and non-human members. In this category resides the infamous Pants, The Purple Unicorn and his girlfriend, Pockets, The White Unicorn. She has a crazy uncle named Gary, who is also a unicorn. This couple has a son they adopted named Amadeus, The Singing Frog. At the time of writing, Amadeus is in rehab. Most human members reside in the Southside or the far southside of Chicago, but members exist in a land as far away as Kentucky. All horses reside in a barn found far south of Chicago. This farm is refered to many members as home because it is a place to just 'be yourself'. They spend the days that they do not ride wishing they were riding and wishing they were spending time together. They are known to throw amazing parties, fight, act strange, and pretty much destroy everything in their path. There isn't a dull moment around these people. They put on a show every year, in which they compete in halter, western, english, trail, bareback, and fun classes. At the end of the show, the group performs a routine on horseback set to music, which they work on with the guidance of their amazing leaders. They are the select few teenagers who proudly wear cowboy boots and get covered in mud. They are the group to invent the dutch moment. Members get injured somehow in the name of fun like cracking whips at each other in the arena and falling off horses when they are standing still. Whether they're living in giant buckets or rolling down hills in them, Horse Group is simply the best thing to happen to me.
by i.can.row. July 10, 2008
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