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Hopeless Christian is a private high school in the North East Heights of Albuquerque, NM. It is run by the basketball team who decided that it is the only sport allowed to have on campus practices, and the cheerleading team that has never quite actually won a national championship. Most hopies believe that they are entitled to everything including the "pot lounge" behind the art building. They like to talk about how right they are no matter what the issue is, and they never seem to shut up about it either. This school built out of tuff-shed cares more about the grass in the middle of campus that, instead of letting kids walk on it, they make students walk around it making them late to class. Lastly, Hopes baseball team wouldn't be so bad except the coaching staff decided that seniors shouldn't play and freshmen will always carry the team and lose championship games.
See that kid? He goes to Hope Christian High School.
by Charlie Brownstein October 24, 2011
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