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Hoova Crim comes from the word Hoover Criminal (a member in the viciuos street gang Hoover Criminal Gang). The Hoova Crim's came out of the word Hoova Crip, but due to the heated gang wars with the NeighborHood Crip sets, the Hoover Crip gangs (Gangster Crip sets) became a gang on its own around 1995, members will still use the letter "C" but instead of it standing for "Crip" it now stands for "Criminal".... Hoover Criminals, Hoover Gangster Crips, Hoover Crips, Hoova Crips are all from the Hoover family tree. The word "Hoover" comes from Hoover blvd that cross various sectoins of South Central in Los Angeles. The colors of the Hoover Criminals are mainly Orange but it can also be used along with a Blue color. In addition, members of the Hoover Gang sets say "Grove" instead of "Cuz". Colors of the Hoover Gangs are mainly Orange but in some cases it can be crossed with the Blue....
Big Hawk: "Where are all the Hoova Crim's?"
Lil Nate: "I dont know Groove"
by Hoover Criminal Gang February 18, 2008
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