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The Hoover Criminal Gang's were once Crips, the word "Hoover" comes from a blvd of the same name that runs through certain areas in South Central Los Angeles. The Hoover Criminals came out of the Gangster Crip sets, but around 1979, the Gangster Crip sets began feuding with the Neighborhood Crip sets.... These rivalries are perhaps the oldest of Crip on Crip feuds that has lead to hundreds of these gangs to kill eachother since the feud began in 1979. This feud mainly consists between the Rollin 60's who are part of the Neighborhood Crip sets and the Eight Tray Hoover's. Around 1995 the Hoover Gangs decided to be a gang on its own because of their deadly feuds with many Crip sets. The Hoovers decided to keep the letter "C" but changed its meaning from "Crip" to "Criminal".

The Eight Tray Hoovers (ETG, 83 Hoover) hold the biggest gang turf in South Central, its gang turf is about five miles long. Other Hoover Gangs are the 74 Hoover (Seven Foe), Bay Bayz, Raskals, Everyday Hoover (ED Hoover), Hoover Crime Gang and others.

The Hoovers are so big that many other Hoover gangs do not know that they are no longer Crips in some parts of the world. The word Hoover has also been known to be spelled "Hoova", some Hoover sets in parts of the country say "Hoova Crip".... The Hoover Gangs are still considered to be part of the Gangster Crip sets, but they now feud with Crips, Bloods, Sur13. The Hoovers only unite with Piru sets in Prisons (they do this because the Piru sets are now a gang on its own as well and are no longer considered Blood gangs).... The Hoover gangs still keep close ties with the Hoover Crips that decided not to change to Hoover Criminals in 1995. The Hoover gangs also are on good terms with a few Crip sets in some areas of the World. What makes the Hoover gangs unique is that it also has Blood sets as well that are conisdered to be part of the Hoover Family.

The Hoover Gangs use the Orange color and in some cases use it along with the Blue color, the Hoovers still say "Cuz" like all other Crip gangs do but they now prefer to say "Grove" or "Groove". They also use a five pointed star or the star of david because they also unite with the Gangster Disiples of Chicago....
Felony G: "The Hoover Criminal Gang is crazy!!!."

Lil Nite: "I know we are Groove."
by Hoover Criminal Gang February 18, 2008
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