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Hootie Period (who-tee peer-ee-uhd) n. The time in which "country girls", exclusively date black men. These women typically experience this between the ages of 18 & 25 but have been known to do so well into their golden years. These tend to fluctuate sporadically, depending on the privilege & status levels of said "country girl". Not to be confused with the sexual move/position, in which a large black man deflowers a little woman whilst wearing a cowboy hat & ass-less chaps.
Billie Jo: "Didja see Mary Ann and her new Cowboy Troy yesterday? She getta bigger one ev'ry six months!"
Laurel: "Oh, she jus goin' thru her Hootie Period. Ma'ma just ended hers after Tyreese was born."
by Victor Mateo Trench December 31, 2014
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