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Ancient Australian colloquialism. More of a 'bush' term. Wonderfully useful in a wide range of fun situations.

Hoorang: person who is somewhat of a loose cannon; a bit of a unit with a good heart; a person who plays up like a 2nd hand Chinese 2 stroke lawn mower {that sounds like 2 skeletons having a root in a a biscuit tin} but with the best of intentions.
Me old mate Dylan is a bit of a hoorang!

Check out what Josh is doing - what a hoorang!

Munksy is a hoorang!

(picture of someone's kids after they've painted the tv with Kill Rust)

What a mob of hoorangs!

Check out the way that big hole bunyip Tobias is munging on that doogan, what a hoorang ffs!
by D1cko June 26, 2019
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