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The equivalent of a lax bro in Midwestern states, where lax bros are hard to find. A hoop bro is a guy who plays basketball and fully embraces the culture. Usually kids from wealthier neighborhoods and cities. Usually from the suburbs. Commonly found places like Indiana, the capitol of basketball, many also spend their time outside playing basketball, partying, or eating out at places like Chipotle. Many hoop bros populate the South Bend/Bloomington/Indianapolis areas of Indiana. They spend a lot of time in the gym shooting free throws or just listening to some Lupe Fiasco. Hoop bros will often get together for a quick game of 21, which usually includes the following: Gatorade, sweat, babes, rap music, basketball shorts, shirts of their high school basketball team, Jordan flip flops, and in most cases, Indiana University clothing. Many hoop bros play other high school/college sports.

Although they do not get as much poonani as a lax bro, they are the coolest guys in their school, or if it is a small town, the actual town. Famous examples of hoop bros in the NBA include: Gordon Hayward (Butler) John Wall (Kentucky) Kyle Singler (Duke) Nolan Smith (Duke) Greivis Vasquez (Maryland) Larry Bird (Indiana State) and the list keeps growing every year.

Also, there is a HUGE difference between wealthy, white hoop bros and hoop bros from rough neighborhoods. This was written in a suburbian hoop bro's point of view.
Hoop bro #1: Hey man, do you want to go shoot around at the courts up at Notre Dame?

Hoop bro #2: Nah man, I don't think the outdoor courts are gonna be good tonight.

Hoop bro #1: You're right. Let's wait until Sunday night. That's when the real hoopers come out.

Hoop bro #2: We should grab a bite to eat. Chipotle sound good?

Hoop bro #1: Hell yes bro. I'm feening for some carnitas.
by SBclayhoops32 February 04, 2012
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