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A water pipe that is, and has been used to smoke a pulp of fruit and tobacco for years. A hookha pipe consists of a large bowl, a plate for the tobacco, a chamber for the water, and multiple tubes so that many can smoke from the pipe at once. When using the tobacco/fruit mix, (commonly refered to as shisha, a burning coal is set on top to light the material. Hookha sessions can last up to 45 minutes. Hookha pipes have been commonly referenced in the cannabis sub-culture as a way to smoke marijuana. In the movie half baked, the main characters use a large 4-hosed hookha that they have named Billy Bong Thorton. Hookha lounges and cafes have been appearing around the nations, often near colleges.
Jim: " Hey Tom, do you want to come over and smoke on my hookha"
Tom: " Sure jim, hookhas kick ass.

Jim: Lets smoke some weed out of my hookha.

Tom: " Fuck yes, that kicks even more ass.
by cannabis=freedom August 17, 2007
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