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Pronounced (Who-Digg-a)
1. A person who wants to fit in in the hood so bad that they go to extremes to do it, often talking with such slang that they can barely function outside of the ghetto or in normal society.

2.Trying to be a hood nigga and failing epically
3.That pasty ginger kid dressed like a gangster rapper trying to hang out with all the black kids.
4.A ghetto poser or wanna be gangster
5.A person that is so hood it unbelievable they embrace everything it is to be from the hood you could offer them fillette minion and they world rater have collie greens hogs mos.
hoodigga)1-4 Whats poppin G just hit a lik on the 500 rode the margoround back to the block to holla at some shooortys u erd mi

5. A old cat on a rascal scooter rolling around the hood with gold rims a stereo system and a mean gangster lean hollerin at his homies as he makes his rounds
by mitsudakidd July 13, 2010
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