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A visa type card that allows a person to receive welfare benefits each month without the need to mail and cash a check. It is basically the opposite of employee benefits because no work is required to receive them. The style of the card varies state to state but if you see any black or Latino with a plastic card you can be sure it is either a hood visa or a real credit card stolen from a white man or woman. These cards can also be used as a weapon. To do this you will need to locate a black or Latino individual, take their hood visa and hide it under their work-boots. Once this has been done said individual will starve to death in 2 - 4 days unless they are able to rob a corner store and or hire a white person to locate the card for them.
That woman on aisle 4 with 34 kids and 8 carts full of groceries must have one hell of a hood visa otherwise this store is seconds away from being robbed.

nigglets sligger black hood food stamps
by saharadryhumor May 23, 2014
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