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1. a random, useless residents of urban areas primarily responsible for the perpetual state of degradation, low morals, ethics, and education of their surrounding neighborhood.

2. a resident of a low-rent urban area (i.e. the hood) so forgettable and commonly dressed by that they seem to be generated by a 16-bit game console.

3. someone who dresses like T.I., Free Way, Keisha Cole, or Lil' Wayne so frequently it becomes an uniform.
1. Was that Jaheem?
2. No, that was Kwan.
3. I thought Kwan was dead.
4. No, that was Foodock
5. How in the hell am I supposed to tell these damn hood dwellers apart?!? They all flunked the GED and have stupid names that they think are Muslim!
by Undertow87 September 04, 2009
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