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A mixture between a Hoodlum and a Hill Billy. Common to the Upper Midwest a Hood Billy is a very creative and enginuitive.
Yo that Hood Billy just robbed my Guy with a pipe bomb and a axe handle for 3 racks.
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by Flash Gordon August 30, 2017
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White trash living in a ghetto urban area. Simply "A hillbilly that lives in the 'hood".
Everyone in the ghetto knows when Nascar is on because every hoodbilly on the block goes inside.
by MissViciousDelicious September 27, 2009
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The more politically correct version of “white trash”, which may offend multiple racial subgroups instead of the one intended.

Def: see white trash

Diff between hood and hood billy
*Gold teeth/no teeth
*Stolen Gucci/Goodwill
*Multiple baby mommas/Two baby Momma’s but they are sisters
*Weed/Pills and meth
*Gang violence/Drunkin Brawls at weddings
His mom is all mad at him because he stole her stash of Percocets. But she hasn’t even paid him back from the ones she bought off him last month. He’s such a hoodbilly.
by MrsKaceyWells December 05, 2018
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A hoodbilly is a biracial person whose mother or father is Caucasian....and father or mother is black....usually found in hoods across america.
I love being a hoodbilly because I have the best of both worlds.
by Billy Hood May 05, 2015
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