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Not for to be confused with "hoochie coochie", hoochie cachie was originally coined by a 4 year old girl in a suburb north of Detroit, Michigan. When she asked what she wanted for Christmas, she said, "A circle, a mermaid and a hoochie cachie".

Originally thought to be something tangible and to be bought, it was soon discovered that a hoochie cachie was used to describe something really incredibly awesome. If you have just a hoochie, it is good, but with a side of cachie, it means it is incredible and magnificent!!

As for the 4 year old in Michigan, she meant she wanted an incredible, wonderful holiday!!
"Look at that, it is soooo hoochie cachie!"

"I want a hoochie with a side of cachie!!"

"Her wedding was really hoochie cachie"

No, that definitely had some hoochie, but not enough cachie"

This is pronounced "who chee kaw chee"
by KatyD41 March 24, 2011
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