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1. A person who is like a guy in many ways, and is totally chill to hang out with, but is biologically a girl.

2. A girl who hangs out with dudes so frequently, that she is basically like one of the boys.

3. A person who frequently hangs out with the fraternity, but is not technically a member of their frat.

4. A person who is basically like a brother, but is not biologically.
1. Katie is my honorary brother. We are good friends, and we play recreation league hockey together. Even though Katie is biologically female, I am totally cool with having Katie hang out with me and the rest of the team in the men's locker room. Plus, he even goes by male pronouns, and he binds his chest on hockey days, so I am totally cool with him.

2. Sarah is basically, like our honorary brother. When we hang out with her, we watch Entourage together, play basketball, and watch action movies, like Die Hard and Rocky.

3. David is my honorary brother. As a member of Sigma Delta Chi, he hangs out with us all the time, and we let him act as if he owns the place. Technically, he is not actually a member of our fraternity, but we treat like he is even though he was never a pledge nor has rushed in.

4. Chris is my honorary brother. Even though I am not related to him, we are like super best friends and we do almost everything together.
by BallerScience647 May 02, 2016
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