1.Refers to the noise made when you are sleeping or as in a cartoon character sleeping. This word is said when you become impatient with someone or something meaning you are "sleeping" because they/it is taking way longer than you are willing to wait and you fell "alseep" while in waiting.
2. Essentially means HURRY UP
HONK SHOE BROHAM!! The concert starts in 10 minutes and you are still getting dressed!?
by 90 Dollar Free Tan January 22, 2009
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to take a nap or go to sleep. The sound you make when you snore.... Honk Shshoe Honk Sh shoeeeee
I am going to go and take a honk-shoe.
by Colorado Willy August 19, 2009
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Refers to a movie so boring it makes you fall asleep. "Honk-shoe" is an onomatopoeic term for snoring. It was first introduced by Tom Servo in the MST3K episode Killer Shrews.
"Stargate was a real honk-shoe."
by Jacob Oost October 05, 2007
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