A place 2 kick it with friends, gettn high as a motha fucka. Away from police & drama....
"Ay mane lez go down to tha honeycomb hideout"
"we gettn bitches?"

"hell yeah we gettn bitches...& sum weed 2...damn"
by Juice Mane August 23, 2007
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a house where you take girls or throw partys with no limits
a house like the crib somewhere you and yo patna's or yo gurl just hang or if you throw a party u know just somewhere theres no limits like" ayy we throwin a party at the honeycomb hideout"
by wananias March 11, 2008
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Your parents house you eat, sleep, and don't have a job. You invite your friends over and have a good time and expect nothing to do. You also trash the whole place without thinking of you cleaning up yourself. So, you would be called a guest in the "Honeycomb Hideout."
Hey my parents just cleaned the house.

Perfect time to trash it and do nothing here in the Honeycomb Hideout.
by MaryDidIt May 15, 2016
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