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The patronizing, idea that gay men prefer the smell of other gay men. Circulated by gay activists who have decided to borrow from quasi science and feminist self help books to PUSH GAY MARRIAGE THROUGH.
Bruce: I'm so glad I was born with Homopheromones. I can SNIFF A GAY BAR OUT. They keep me from being one of those self, loathing, fags, sniffing, smelly, nutty, straight butts. I've even denounced gay porn with the word STRAIGHT IN IT. I'm such an activist and SO QUEER that Dan Savage has my number on speed dial. I've borrowed so much from FEMINIST SELF HELP BOOKS, that I'm bound to live with a deaf husband and 20 cats.
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by HearMyName August 13, 2018
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A chemical secreted by homosexual men that induces slight arousal amongst heterosexual men. This slight arousal functions as part of the male gaydar.
John: Gay men make you horny?
Matt: Only a little. It's just a test.
John: Must be some sort of homopheromone.
by J+M March 14, 2007
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