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In the word of kvlt, the nemesis and antipole of the Most Austere One, the Necrowizard.

The Homochrist's lukewarm powers are constantly infiltrating and warping mortal affairs, tainting all that is grim and enticing humanity towards his own elemental gayness.

Kvlt lore prophesises that the Homochrist will rematerialise over Palestine late in the Fourth Vorn, shortly before the final battle with the forces of Kvlt. Proceeding from Norway, the Necrowizard will encounter the Homochrist at Varghnorghnaul, somewhere in the vicinity of Goole.

There the Necrowizard will ritually challenge his bitter rival to mortal kömbat. The Homochrist will decline out of principle, and immediately be cloven in half with the Sword of Xfonshjuahh'k.

A most morbific jubilation will follow among all true necrolytes at the breaking of the gay Fourth Vorn and the ushering-in of the Fifth or Forlorn Vorn of eternal terror and despair. This too will mark the reinversion of the uninverted crosses of P'thwaaangjhiuth and the billion-year reign of darkness that is the fondest wish of all true necrolytes.

You can't possibly be thinking of buying that Green Day CD? Those cunts are the arse-welkins of the Homochrist.
by Lord Grimcock August 22, 2007
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