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Similarly to FOMO, Homo FOMO is the "fear of missing out", however specifically to gay events or activities
Did you guys attend cocktails at the tight end boy-bar last night? I didn't go but I had a major case of Homo FOMO when I saw all Kieran's facebook posts!
by Ginger D April 23, 2015
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When you're queer and go out with your straight friends and you can't keep up or follow along with all the heterosexual socializing. The fear of missing out and not understanding what all the non-queers are talking about.
-Raquel tried going out for a girls night with Becky and Taylor, but had homo fomo when none of the guys were hitting on her, even though she didn't want them to.

-I'll have too much homo fomo if I watch The Bachelor. Too many straight people on one screen to find someone to empathize with.
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by socialcaterpillar February 12, 2017
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The fear of missing out on fabulous gay events in major cities.
Stefan was experiencing homofomo after deciding stay at home in his Williamsburg loft last Friday night.
by InstagramIsNewYorkStylist August 28, 2014
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fear of missing out on being gay and/or of having a gay experience
Poor Gary was the only dude in the room who didn't get to "s" a "d" leading to a serious case of #homofomo
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by lthev June 12, 2016
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