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A verbal expression of surprise in response to unexpected and particularly bizarre events and /or circumstances. The term is loosely interchangeable with "holy crap" or "holy shit" but not synonymous. Instead, "holy cray" specifically pertains to unusual circumstances usually brought about by one or more persons suffering from mental instability and/or severe intoxication leading to dangerous, yet incredibly entertaining actions in the presence of a public audience.
"Holy crap dude! That frat guy just drank a whole can of his own piss thinking it was beer! We even told him but he's too fucked up to listen or care."

drinker of urine then proceeds to make out with some chick at the tailgate before forcefully purging the contents of his stomach in a projectile fashion onto this female. The said female doesn't seem to mind, but in fact, appears to enjoy the taste and sensation of the mixture of bile, half digested food, and re-ingested urine, covering her head to toe.. The two continue to hook up in spite of these events, and things escalate to an unsightly degree.

"HOLY CRAY dude!!! That girl is disgustingly insane! She cray cray."
by all4it May 30, 2013
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