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A term that is used as a response to when someone or something stupid or bad happens but is funny. Meant to let someone know something

Can also be used as a hashtag (see examples 3 & 4)
Holy Nation is similar to saying:
What the hell!
Oh my god!
The fuck?!
Example 1:
Person 1: Look at that scrub wearing some dirty ass K Swiss shoes. Look like lawn mowing shoes.

Person 2: Holy Nation!

Example 2:
Person 1: Dude I got a 14% in PE this year.

Person 2: Holy Nation!

Example 3:
Dude lost 85-17 in a game of 2k to my little sister.

#Holy Nation.

Example 4: When you go through the McDonald's drive through and get all the way back home and find out they gave you all the wrong shit.

#Holy Nation
by superbeastguy January 07, 2016
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